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Monday, March 14, 2011

Lowest Common Masa


What's up?
Any shits goin' on?
Tell me wisely or else,
Allah for Muslims
God for the other religions
will MARAH!
You can't spell MARAH
without the M.A.R.A.
MARA is..
Majlis Amanah Rakyat.
Since I'm in a boarding school named
MARA Junior Science College..
I'm a little proud to say MARAH.

So yeah,that's just the intro..DUH...

I've been away quite some time...
My blog is just like the olds saying "A can of Coke by the road,by itself"

my blog is just..nothing...boring,and needs some BOOST.

I feel different staying in boarding school,
before this, Im always living in wealth and stuffs,
but in this boarding school,
I feel the hard part of life like,
sleeping with no air cond...
Eating rice....EVERY SINGLE DAY.
And drinking "Teh O'" EVERYTIME.
It's hard to live like this,but sooner or later,
I'll feel normal living like that,
but now I'm going to PARTY cuz it's the first semester holiday!!
It's an issue cuz ,there,
almost everyone is from KELANTAN State.
It's a little hard to socialize,but..
I will fit in one day...

Yeahh...there's many stuffs I've forgotten to tell...
For now on...

That's All Hole.