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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ha? Hebat kau! Macam Tron! -.-

Tadi,bukan just now.
Like always,
today is thursday,so..
I've gotta go to school
a little early cuz there's the band practise thingy..
Haha,today is the most tiring of all -.- two boys mau cepat mati cakap kat senior in charge "abang rase nak jatoh..."
that senior things it's real so he left the budak pengsan bawah pokok,
BTW,that boy memang suka pengsan,fuck him hard.
After band kita semua tukar baju kat Padang bhaai,hebat kot..
After wearin the uniform, we all wear tie.it is compulsory to wear it everyday,
if someone doesn't wear,they will kena pancong kepala,aku dah kena skali,tapi aku hidop lagi..
Yeah,my friend "forgotten" to wear a tie..when it's recess,the prefects will catch the guy with no tie,so I and mohd planned a plan,
the plan sounds like this..
Firstly me and one of my friends lined up early,very early,awaaal sangat,
mohd is at the back,paling balakang kott...then the prefects asks us to walk go upstairs..
Yes,my friend give me his tie to me and lari hula laju cepatcepat masok kelas...aku pon turun bawah tengok mohd dah kene tahan pastu aku jerit "woi Babi! Hang tinggal tie hang dalam bag skolah hang bhaaiii!!" pastu Aku campak TEPAT kat dia..
Dia pakai cepatcepat pastu tunjuk prefect"woi! Tengok ni!" prefect dengan muka terblur cakap"pegipegilaa,haisshh" pastu mohd
masok kelas dia bukak tie,bagi kat aku..aminnnn..

That's All Hole.

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