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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Kidnap The Kid

The title is 50% true about what happened to me and my friends yesterday at Ipoh Parade.

Soo,yeah yesterday after playing bowling,me and my friends
decided not to go home yet,cuz it's
lame,we decided to jalan2...
of my friend's sister just called and asked if he wanna go with her sisster home,
he's not,...
Yeah,after the call we saw a store selling Supra shoes,we wanna to take a good look at the

So we decided to get in that funky store,ps.the
supra shoe size
I saw is 12US so fuck with it,we get put from the

Two 20-24 years of age guy standing doing nothing by a door,not a ordinary door,it's like SUNYI,gelap jerh,we all tak sedar bout the
door,then one of the guy asked one
of my friend "dik sini jap,sinilah jap,jap je,takde apeape.."my friends and me already suspected something fishy, the guy said that to Daniel,one of my friend,somehow,I and mohd already at the
back of the two guys,I never know why...
Then,Daniel with his pucat face ran away for his life,he already left two of us,he go down to a crowded area,I and mohd soooo stupid ran away to the lasttttt shop at the floor,we're so stupid that we didn't get down,and mohd ajak aku pegi tingkat atas iaitu carpark lv4,..bodoh betol haisyy.... carpark lv4 org tak park kat sane langsung,sunyi je,,aku cakap kat mohd,"hang Babi ka?! Tingkat 4 sunyi,kang meke bunuh kite camne?!"and we keep on running like a kijang,and btw,mohd is the school number 1 runner,but I'm not quite a runner,but I ran faster than him :) he still can't believe it,yeahh then...
The two guys trap us,one guy on the left,one on the right..
Mohd tak sedar orang yg belAh kanan tu ,aku nampak pastu aku panggil dia "woii!! Mereka block kite Babi!!woiii!lalu blah kiri dekat dgn tangga!!! Tangga ramai org!" dia buat pekak,dia ikot blah tu then the guy in the left call me "woi sini kau! Kau gi mane ah?!"aku nak je jerit "TOLONG" tapi there's noone there...aku biar mohd situ,dia lari dah cukop laju dah,aku dah tak nampak dia dahh sebab aku turun tangga lompat 6 step skali bhaai..then Daniel called,"woi datang kat aku,kat ______" aku dgn segera lari lah turun Ground Floor,
pastu tgk ,Daniel ade dgn kakak dia dahh, ifeel save,but mohd is missing,daniel called him,then a Chinese man answered,,then a
little inspection,daniels mohd contact number is wrong,so I gave mine,he still doesn't answer,Daniel and I thought mohd is being caught,but then,he called us that he's with his mom,

last word is,fuck the guys wanna kidnap me!

That's All Hole.

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